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Horny balling mom

Автор(ы):Kathy Harris

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Kathy Harris

Horny balling mom


Mitzi Davis continued to suck her son's cock as her daughter nibbled and sucked on Mitzi's clit. The older woman's hips rocked back and forth against her little girl's mouth as she tightened her throat muscles around her son's prick, feeling it pulse hungrily down her throat.

As if suddenly coming out of a trance, Mitzi jerked her mouth away from Steve's cock and she leaped to her feet. She looked at her children with a dazed, wild expression on her beautiful face.

"No, we mustn't," she whispered. "No! It's wrong!"

Steve and Cathy exchanged a meaningful glance. The two teenagers were not surprised by their mother's reaction. The only thing that had surprised them had been that their mother had finally given in to their desire for a three way fuck. She had said no at first. But then, as they had forced her to listen to their torrid tale of how the two youngsters had been sucking and fucking each other for over a year, she had turned on more and more until she had finally given in to what they had wanted.

Steve and Cathy had been thrilled when their usually straight-laced, conservative mother had agreed to what they had wanted. They had stripped her quickly, and then they both fell hungrily on her body.

In no time at all, Mitzi had found herself totally caught up in sucking her son off while her daughter ate her pussy. But now, the woman was obviously having second thoughts about what she and her children were doing.

"No more! We have to stop," Mitzi said in a half-moan that let her kids know that she was still very much aroused. "We can't do these things anymore."

Young teenaged Cathy Davis stood up and she took hold of her brother's throbbing prick.

She held it tightly, as if it were a prized possession.

"But why not, Mom?" she asked in a whining tone.

"Because-because…" Mitzi struggled to answer her daughter's question with logic, but the burning sensation deep in her pussy kept interfering with her thoughts. She stood with her legs parted, her naked tits heaving up and down as through she were gasping for air.

Mitzi watched Cathy stroking Steve's cock, her gaze riveted on the thumb brushing over his drooling cum-slit, where the older woman had been sucking just moments before.

"Oh, God!" she moaned. "I don't know – I just…"

"What's the matter, Mom?" Cathy asked, pumping her big brother's cock.

"Oh, God!" Mitzi moaned again. "Don't be such a prude, Mom," her older child, Steve said with a grin. "You're acting as though Cathy and I are the only kids in the neighborhood who want to get it on with their sexy mom."

"You mean – there are others? You know other kids who…" Mitzi gasped, unable to finish her question.

Cathy and Steve looked at each other and giggled excitedly.

"Hell, Mom!" Steve said, moaning softly as his sister increased her pumping action on his cock. "I could give you a while list of names right here and now."

"So could I, Mom! There's the Bradley twins and…"

"My God! The Bradleys? Their father is a minister!" Mitzi cried.

"Yeah, so what? Just 'cause their father is a minister doesn't mean that the twins don't have normal desires," Steve said with a snort.

"Yeah, Steve's right, Mom. And there's Amanda Grayson, who's been fucking her dad for a long time now." Cathy said.

"But her father is the high-school principal!" Mitzi cried, shocked in spite of all that she was learning.

Steve and Cathy giggled again and shook their heads at their innocent mother.

"You gona get with it, Mom," Steve said. "This is the Eighties, and incest is where it's at!"

"Righr on!" Cathy chimed in.

"I just never knew…" Mitzi said softly.

The woman's gaze burned on her daughter's hand as it jerked up and down Steve's big prick. She was so mixed up, she couldn't think straight. It was so exciting, she admitted to herself. The feel of her daughter's mouth on her cunt, and the thrilling wonder of sucking her own son's cock had turned her on like nothing ever had before.

But still, Mitzi was sure it must be wrong. She had felt that, as their mother, it was up to her to protect Steve and Cathy. But then they told her that they had been fucking each other for a long time now, and that many of the other kids were into incest with their parents. Maybe she was just hopelessly out of date, Mitzi thought, trying to sort out her jumbled emotions.

Mitzi felt a powerful attraction to the idea of getting it on with her own kids. She had always been a highly sexual woman, always ready and willing for sex, any kind of sex. And she sensed too, that no matter what she thought, things had gone too far between her and her children to stop now.

"Look, Mom," Cathy said in a patient tone, as if the roles of mother and daughter had been reversed. "We're not hurting anyone, are we?"

"No, that's true, Cathy. We're not hurting any one," Mitzi agreed.

"And," Steve added, "you enjoyed it, didn't you?"

"Oh, yes, you know I did! I loved it!" Mitzi admitted with an attractive blush.

"Well, then?" both Cathy and Steve asked in unison, grinning at their sexy mother.

"You know, I always knew that in some ways you two kids were a lot smarter than I am," Mitzi said, grinning back at her two teenagers. "Now let's stop talking and get it on!"

Slowly, the woman lifted her arms and opened them to her children. Cathy squealed with excitement and ran into her mother's arms, hugging her tightly. Steve stepped to their side and hugged them both.

There were tears of relief and happiness in Mitzi's eyes, for the woman knew that she was doing the right thing. If she were to turn her kids down now, they might grow up thinking that there was something wrong with the honest, innocent expression of their sexual needs. And to be honest with herself, she had to admit that she could no more keep her hands off her sexy children than she could stop breathing. So this was as it should be.

"Welcome to the Eighties, Mom!" Steve said, and they all laughed.

Mitzi caressed the naked bodies of her kids as they continued to embrace.

With a lewd grin, Steve began to fondle his mother's naked asscheeks in one hand and his sister's ass in the other, jabbing his still-hard prick between them.

"You're not mad at us, are you, Mom?" Cathy asked in a hushed tone.

"No, darling, of course I'm not mad at you! How could I be mad with you kids for being such free, uninhibited creatures? You're just a lot more honest with your natural desires than your mother is," Mitzi said sadly.

"Don't worry, Mom," Steve said with a laugh. "You're still young. You can learn from us how to be more honest about what you really want."

"Let's work this brother of yours over, honey," Mitzi said to Cathy. "Let's make him come so much, he won't be able to look at a cunt for a month!"

"Yeah, Mom! Let's do it!" Cathy giggled, trembling in excitement.

Mitzi chuckled softly and took her son's hand, leading him toward the huge bed.

"You just lie back there, Son. Don't worry about a thing. Your sister and I are gonna take care of this gorgeous cock of yours," the woman murmured.

Steve eagerly sprawled on the bed, his prick jutting upright. Mitzi knelt at one side and had him shove his ass to the edge of the bed so that his asscheeks were hainging. She stroked his thigh with the sharp fingernails of one hand, holding one of her huge tits in the other. She leaned forward and rubbed her rigid nipple against his thigh.

"Come on, Cathy," she urged. "Get on the other side of him. We'll show this horny little bastard what two girls can, do for him."

Laughing with lust-filled excitement, Cathy positioned herself on the other side of her brother, watching and imitating the things her mother was doing. When Mitzi fondled Steve's balls, Cathy stroked his cock. Then they changed places. Their free hands caressed the insides of the boy's thighs, then his ass. As Mitzi licked her tongue over her son's thigh, Cathy did the same thing on the other side.

Steve was shaking with pleasure as he felt the two wet hot tongues flicking at his naked flesh, coming very close to his rigid cock and swollen balls, but retreating before actually touching them.

"Goddamn it!" he growled, squirming around on the bed. "You two bitches better hurry up and do something before I come all over the fucking bed!"

"Patience, darling, patience," Mitzi whispered, flicking the tip of her tongue at his cock. "just don't rush us."

The older woman took the base of her son's prick between her fingers and she sucked gently at his smooth, swollen cockhead. Then she lifted her mouth and offered his cock to Cathy. Cathy wrapped her hot lips about her brother's prick and sucked a few times, and then Mitzi took her turn again.

They repeated this hot cock-sucking action on Steve a number of times, passing his rigid, throbbing fucktool back and forth. The one who wasn't sucking him at any given moment stroked his balls and ass until it was her turn to suck his cock again.

"Ohhhh, yeah! That's it! Jesus, that's great!" Steve groaned, twisting his hips around and trying to fuck his cock into whatever mouth was sucking at the time.

"Suck me off! You fucking cunts are toying with me! Suck me off!"

Mitzi and Cathy laughed.

"Just wait a little longer," Mitzi whispered throatily. "You'll come so much better this way. Just relax and enjoy it, darling."

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