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Hot mom, hot dog

Автор(ы):Bob Wallace

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Bob Wallace

Hot mom, hot dog


Carol Kern brushed her long black hair in front of the mirror. It was almost a year now since her husband, Phil, had left her and their daughter, Terri, alone, going off with someone he had just met. For the first six months she waited, hoping – praying – he would return. The past six months had been different, though. She had resigned herself to his never coming back. She had her daughter to consider and she was enjoying watching Terri begin to blossom into a woman. She looked at the picture of her young daughter on the dresser and smiled. She loved Terri very much, but something was missing in her life. Her hand automatically went to her crotch as she thought that being without a man – being denied the fruits of a close relationship – was beginning to take its toll on her frayed nerves.

She sighed aloud, her hand stroking her panty-clad crotch. The pussy juice flowed freely, soaking the crotch of her tight bikini panties. Breathing hard, she stumbled to the bed, hating the thought of bringing herself off, yet knowing that it was the only way to get through the long day ahead.

Carol fell to the bed, frantically pulling off her panties, her body aching for satisfaction. Once her panties were off, her finger groped inside her hot squishy pussy.

The doorbell rang.

"Fuck," she muttered, taking her hand out of her cunt. She stood up on rubbery legs, and hurriedly pulled on a pair of shorts and loose fitting top that stopped right below her tits. She headed for the door, her tits jiggling with each stride.

"Yes?" Her breathing was labored as she faced the handsome man on her front porch.

"Hello, Mrs. Kern," Ed March said, one of his hands holding a leather leash attached to a giant German shepherd dog. "I'm a little early. I hope you don't mind."

"Not at all," Carol said, standing aside to let them pass. "Come on in."

Ed walked by her, getting a good look at her tits through the skimpy top. King sat by his master's side as Ed ogled Carol's long luscious legs. She closed the front door.

"What do you think of him?" Ed asked proudly, petting the huge dog on the head. "He'll obey your every command."

Carol looked at Ed, a hungry look in her eyes. Christ, he was so damn handsome. She wanted to beg him to fuck her. She felt her pussy mounds squish together as she walked over to the dog. She patted his large head with her hand. "He's certainly a big dog."

"One of the best I have, Mrs. Kern. I thought you should have the best dog in the kennel. His name is King." Ed peered down her top as she bent over to pet the dog. He wasn't sure, but he thought he could make out her nipples. This made his cock twitch in his pants.

"He's gorgeous too," Carol said, letting the dog lick her hand. "Would you like some coffee?"

"Sure," Ed said, glad for an excuse to stare at her for a while longer. "If it's not too much trouble."

"Not at all," Carol said. "C'mon. It's already made."

Ed followed her, his eyes glued to Carol's ass cheeks as they spilled deliciously from her shorts.

She felt his eyes on her and she shook her ass provocatively, exaggerating each step, her heart thumping loudly. She was glad for the company.

She poured the coffee and joined Ed at the table, crossing her long slender legs. She wondered if Ed could tell that she wasn't wearing any panties. She sipped the coffee, hoping he would start the conversation. God, if only he had come after I got myself off, then I'd be more at ease. She looked at him, the fire in her belly and pussy making her body ache for physical contact.

"Are you all right?" Ed asked, sensing her discomfort. He could feel his cock growing stiffer.

King got up from the floor, and walked over to Carol, his cold nose sniffing around her leg. Carol was embarrassed, but didn't say a word, hoping the dog would stop. He didn't. Curious about the pungent odor of Carol's passion, King tried getting his wet nose between her thighs.

"Stop it, King," Carol said, trying to push the dog's head away from her crotch. The dog was persistent and her cheeks flushed red with embarrassment. "Stop!"

"King!" Ed said, wishing he could get away with what the dog was doing. "Sit!"

Ed looked at Carol and smiled. "He just wants to get to know his mistress."

"He seems awfully horny," she said, giggling nervously, the impudent touch of the dog rekindling the fire in her groin.

Ed laughed. "You can't blame him. You're a very beautiful woman." He held Carol's eyes with his own, seeing passion in those pale green orbs. "It was a good idea to buy him. He'll be good protection while your husband is away."

"My husband left me a year ago," Carol said bluntly, no longer ashamed to say it. She swallowed hard. "He'll be good companionship, too," she said, patting the dog's broad head.

Ed looked at her with renewed interest. He had sensed something about her. Now he knew. She was horny, dying for a cock. He pondered, wondering how long it had been since she had felt the hard rigid steel of a prick in her pussy.

"What are you thinking?" Carol asked, feeling funny as he stared at her, getting hot from his dark, brooding eyes.

"About you, Carol," he said, using her first name. He stood up in front of her. She reeked of sexuality. He took her hand, getting her to stand.

Carol was sure he could hear the pounding of her heart as she stood up, her breathing short and rapid. She closed her eyes for a second, wavering. "I've…" His fingers touched her lips, stopping her from talking.

"I know." He led her from the kitchen, his arm around her shoulder. "Take me to your bedroom."

"This way," she whispered, as if in a trance. She led him upstairs to the bedroom, her legs trembling with anticipation and apprehension. No one had touched her since her husband had deserted her.

She stepped into the bedroom and stopped. The bed loomed out at her; every nerve in her body was keyed to what would soon take place there. So long had it been without proper use. She felt Ed's hands cup her ass through her skimpy shorts. She trembled with joy.

Ed stood behind her, his hand inching around to the top of her shorts, his hard, aching cock pressing into her ass. He licked and nibbled on her neck as he worked on her shorts, unsnapping the button and pulling down the zipper.

"Aaaaa," Carol sighed aloud as her shorts fell silently to the floor. She wanted to turn around and devour him, but she waited, not wanting this fantastic moment to end. She leaned back against him, her head resting on his shoulder as he sucked and chewed on the tender flesh of her neck.

Ed's hands were all over her, caressing her firm belly, her full hips, her rib cage, squeezing her large melon-sized tits. He could feel the hard nipples against his palms as he squeezed and caressed her hot fleshy tits. He rubbed his boner into the small of her back.

He turned her around. Her eyes were a bright, fiery green. He lifted up the top, pulling it over her head. She stood before him naked, vulnerable, hot, and ready to do anything he asked.

He leered at her, his mouth watering at the beauty of her full womanly figure. She still had a slim narrow waist, unmarred by the birth of a child. Her tits stood out proud, not yet beginning to sag. "You're gorgeous, Carol," he said gently.

She smiled at him shyly, wanting him to do something besides look. She craved his cock. He had set the wheels in motion. There was no turning back. The fire raged in her pussy and she moaned, her hands going to his pants.

Carol dropped to the floor in front of him, her hands fumbling with his zipper. She was obsessed. Her hand yanked the zipper down. She groped inside his pants, feeling for his cock. Her sweaty, nervous hand touched flesh, sending a sharp jolt up her arm. It was unbelievable how fantastic the sensation was. She pulled out his cock, her voice making low gurgling sounds in her throat as she gaped hungrily at his large thick hunk.

"Kiss it," Ed said, wanting his cock in her mouth.

She looked at him, nodding. "Get on the bed," she rasped, in a guttural voice. "I want to undress you."

Ed climbed on the bed as Carol crawled over to him. She pulled off his pants and shorts, taking his shoes and socks with them. She looked at his cock sticking high in the air, his balls hanging heavy between his hairy thighs. Her eyes reverted back to his cock; her mouth was drooling for it.

Carol sucked and nipped on his legs, moving slowly upward to his prick, savoring the moment. She approached his cock, her tongue swiping teasingly across his flesh everywhere but on his prick itself. Unable to stand the agony of denial any longer, she leaped on his cock like a hungry animal deprived of its food. She gobbled ravenously, half out of her mind with lust.

His cock was magnificent – solid and erect. Throbbing beneath her eager mouth, it pulsed with a power of its own. She stroked it with her hands, her mouth covering the glistening tip. Her tongue flicked across his piss-hole, teasing the thin slit. Spit dribbled from her mouth, soaking his shaft and her hands as they slid easily up and down his slippery wet cock. She took her mouth off the bulb-shaped tip, glaring up at Ed as he lay beneath her.

"You taste soooo good," Carol moaned, still stroking his prick with her hand. "Sooooo delicious."

"Suck me," he gasped, his voice strained with passion. "Put it back in your mouth."

"Yesssss!" Carol hissed, her long black hair covering his groin as she put her mouth to his sensitive tip. All the months of deprivation – not bothering with men because she wanted to set an example for her young, innocent daughter came to a volcanic head at this moment. She saw and felt, at her mouth, the object of all the pleasure she had denied herself. As if punishing herself, she plunged her mouth down on his cock, skewering her throat with his thick prick.

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